“I help emerging leaders and next-generation changemakers achieve long-term financial stability to ensure their sustainable future.”

Hi, I’m Ethan, and I’m a fee-only financial planner, a CFP® professional, and the founder of Planning for Progress. I work to help next-generation leaders from a variety of financial backgrounds plan for and meet their personal and financial goals while improving the world around them. I believe that everyone deserves objective and fair financial advice in order to navigate our complicated economic system. While many financial planning firms have asset minimums or set fees at levels that are out of reach for many, I’m dedicated to providing financial planning services that are accessible for my entire generation.

I live in the Washington, DC area, where I’ve been a part of movements for social and economic justice for more than a decade. I know how many obstacles are out there on the path to financial sustainability, even for the most fortunate among us. But as your guide, I want to help you set and achieve financial objectives that fit into your broader life goals – not the other way around.

I started Planning for Progress because I saw how few resources are out there for my generation to get truly objective financial advice. I’m committed to and truly enjoy helping my peers plan for the future and demystifying our complex and convoluted financial system.

I hold myself to the highest fiduciary standards in financial planning – which means I will always act in your best interest. And as a fee-only planner, I’m not getting kickbacks or commissions that will influence my advice to you. My only compensation comes from you and I will always work in your best interest.

Digital Native

I strive to use the most innovative technologies to make managing your finances a breeze, all while minimizing paper use.

Forward Thinking

I’ll help you build a strong base for long-term success and make sure your future is sustainable.

Problem Solving

Through one-on-one advice, together we will create long term plans that can adjust to changes in your life.

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