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My goal is to take the financial stress and confusion out of your life, so you can focus on what matters to you and to the world.

At Planning for Progress, we structure our work together to maximize the impact on your financial life and provide you with a the clarity and direction you need without long-term contract obligations. Our service packages are described below:

Financial Fitness Check Up

This package is designed for you to gain an overall understanding of the direction of your finances, with a focus on a few select subject matter areas. This is best suited for those who generally are confident about money but want to check in on a few areas of uncertainty and get an expert opinion. This is not a comprehensive financial planning package and is not intended to cover all aspects of your financial life.

This package consists of one 90-minute session, plus a written summary of recommendations and a follow-up meeting.


Cost: The total cost for this package is $400 – $2500, depending on income and other factors, including if you have any substantial assets or debts.

Financial Planning Intensive

This package is designed to help you dive deep into your finances and understand how they intersect with your personal goals. This is best suited for those who are juggling multiple financial priorities and need help putting together a plan that balances them all.

The package consists of two sessions, plus an in-depth written report and a follow-up meeting. Our first session will focus on defining and clarifying your goals, plans, and personal values and how these impact how you want to approach your finances, and we will spend our second session diving deep on specific aspects of your financial life.

 Topics covered in a financial planning intensive may include:

Cash Flow and Debt Management – Employee Benefits Optimization – Financial Goals – Insurance Needs Analysis – Tax Planning Strategies – Retirement Planning – Estate Planning – Education Funding – Risk Management – Investment Analysis – Investment Advisory Services


Cost: The total cost for this package is $1000 – $3500, depending on income and other factors, including if you have any substantial assets or debts.

Custom Financial Planning Packages

I can also create customized financial planning packages to best suit your individual needs. Past packages have focused on topics ranging from student debt repayment planning to home-buying preparation and preparing to be a small business owner.


Work With Me

If you're ready to take the first step on the path to a sustainable financial future, I'm here to help. Working together, we will develop a plan based on your unique needs.
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