Frequently Asked Questions

How would working with a financial planner help me?

Financial planning is about giving you the advice and confidence you need to feel good about your finances. I will help you clearly define your financial goals and make sure you are on the right path in order to achieve those goals. Working together, I can also help you avoid financial pitfalls and potentially costly mistakes.   

How much does working with you cost?

My fees are always defined and agreed to up front. Depending on the service provided, they are calculated based on factors including income, assets, debts and the complexity of your financial situation. As a fee-only financial advisor, my only compensation comes directly from you, not from any product sales or referral commissions. To see more about my fee structures, please visit my services page.

Are you a fiduciary? What does that word even mean?

Yes, I always hold myself to the highest fiduciary standards when working with clients and giving financial and investment advice. This means that I will always act in your best interest, and prioritize your needs ahead of any other consideration.

You may be surprised to learn that not all financial professionals are required to abide by this standard, and their advice and reccomendations may be based on what products pay the largest commissions. When you work with a fee-only financial planner who abides by the fiduciary standard, you can rest assured that you will always be reciving advice that is in your best interest.

In addition, I am proud to be a part of the XY Planning Network and National Association of Professional Financial Advisors, two organizations that work to strengthen and promote the fiduciary standard in financial planning.

What is your approach to socially responsible investing?

Many of my clients work on a daily basis to pursue justice and create a better world. For many, the values that guide their work mean they want to avoid owning investments in companies that are actively damaging our planet or exploiting working people, and I am proud to work with clients to achieve that goal. However, I believe that what you invest in is only a small part of how we live out out values, and that it is equally important to look at how you spend your time (through your career or volunteer activities) and money (through your purchases and donations) in order to live a socially responsible life.

I'm not wealthy. Is financial planning right for me?

While some may think that hiring a financial advisor is something that only wealthy people do, I work with clients from all types of financial backgrounds, including those with negative net-worths and significant levels of debt. I believe that everyone can benefit from working with a financial professional, and the New York Times agrees!

Do you work with LGBTQ+ couples?

Yes! I am honored to work with many LGBTQ+ clients, and I am personally committed to providing financial advice that breaks with heteronormative expectations and empowers every individual and family.

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