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Ongoing Financial Planning

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Investment Management

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Project-Based Financial Planning

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What’s on your mind? What do you want to achieve together?

  • Identifying short and long-term goals
  • Tracking savings progress
  • Expense tracking and managing cashflow
  • Merging finances with a partner
  • Preparing to have or adopt a child
  • Student loan repayment, including PSLF, IBR, PAYE, REPAYE, etc.
  • Getting ready to buy a home
  • Maximizing workplace benefits and employer equity programs
  • Insurance needs assessment
  • Freelance and small business planning
  • Retirement planning and accounts
  • Managing investment risks
  • Tax planning
  • Giving plans and tax-efficient charitable contributions
  • Evaluating estate planning needs

Ongoing Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • You can spend countless hours over the course of a year trying to find answers to your financial questions and only find generic advice. Or, you can rely on your financial planner to have your back, provide peace of mind and help you identify and reach your financial goals.
  • The process of comprehensive financial planning starts with the creation of your financial plan, after which we move into a cycle of ongoing support, implementation of the recommendations in your plan, and periodic plan updates.
  • Only ongoing comprehensive planning provides hands-on assistance that can help you maximize your savings, invest appropriately with your values and risk tolerance in mind, and avoid making costly mistakes with your money.
  • Annual fees for ongoing comprehensive planning start at $3000 for individuals and $3500 for couples. Fees are calculated based on income, net worth, and the complexity of your unique situation. Ongoing planning fees are billed in quarterly increments and a portion or all of your these fees may be deducted directly from your managed investment accounts.

Investment Management

  • Investment management is included as a service for all ongoing comprehensive planning clients. Investment management is not currently offered as a stand-alone service for new clients.
  • Professional investment management, when paired with the proper financial planning, ensures you have the proper allocation across retirement and taxable accounts to manage investment risks and meet your financial goals. I also work with many clients to make sure they are not investing in extractive industries and fossil fuels.

Project-Based Financial Planning

  • You may want or be ready for an ongoing financial planning relationship. For DIY investors or clients who just want to review a few key aspects of their financial lives, I offer a limited number of standalone financial planning packages each year.
  • For clients who want a complete assessment of their current financial picture, I offer standalone comprehensive financial plan creation services. Fees for this process start at $2000 and are calculated based on your income and net worth.
  • For those with just a few questions about your immediate financial situation, a Financial Fitness Check-up lets us focus on 1-2 of your immediate priorities over the course of two 60-minute meetings. This time lets us explore some of your financial goals, address your immediate questions and make sure you have the information and resources you need to take action and move forward. Fees for financial fitness checkups start at $1000. A limited number of Financial Fitness Check-ups are available for social justice organizers and public service workers who make less than $75,000 / year for a reduced rate of $750. Financial fitness checkups are only available to residents of DC and MD.
  • Project-based financial planning does provide ongoing advice or implementation support. The advice I provide as part of any financial planning project may be limited by the limited scope of our discussion.

Workshops and Educational Seminars

  • In addition to working with individuals and families, I love being able to bring financial education and information to groups including workplaces, unions, and community organizations on a variety of topics, including student loan repayment strategies, retirement savings, and planning towards buying a home. 
  • Please get in touch with me to discuss possibilities for your organization. Fees for workshops vary, and community organizations and small nonprofits may be eligible to host a workshop at a severely reduced rate or on a pro bono basis.

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